french version

MARTEL EN TETE is a label of Toulouse founded in 2000 with the help of The Trolls from ONU recordZ and people like Mike Fractal. It’s declared task is to promotes artists of the european electronic scene. So is born the first 4 tracks on GVK vinyl Martel en Tête (“Hammer in head”), followed by a mixtape from DJ GAB, Break da beat. It’s then thanks to Mind’ustry label that Martel en tête has enlarged its connections in the industrial and ambiant scene. A 2nd 4 tracks vinyl get born in 2002 untitled Burning Rom, a music industry critic... At that time, The Ranch has been a place where was concentrated a big activity of the alternative scene. It attracted many artists like for instance VoodooZ Break. It’s in that activist ambiance that comes thez Missing Link Project, with a split vinyl GVK/ VDZ Break. It’ll be by extension the creation of the association eye-balling artists diffusion in Toulouse break-electro-DnB scene ( Gravebongaz, Alif Sound System, MC lay’D, DJ Jude... ). After the foundators GVK and Nevroz ( for industrial-ambiant section), new comers arrive in 2003. DJ Fuel in Sekt, active in Free Tekno, Breakcore and HC Rennes scene, within Peace Off label, and Rotator Project. He’ll now mix on GVK live set. His long and wide experience of 13 years in parties europe wide let the label enlarge again its field of action in the frensh scene. Bec Bunzen is a GVK CD recorded in live symbolic of that effervescent period. DJ Mutex opens the label to the electro-dancefloor, also in parties organisation with the association Elektronic, and it’s in 2004 that comes the Ginko biloba CD. Along the parties and travels through France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Tchek Republic or Canada, we have linked to many new artists and collectives... Daryl Corn Flex also now represents the label with over-dynamited hardjungle live sets, but also can surprise dancefloors with hip hop or electro projects. Good listening folks !